Competitve freight rates

Berg & Larsen is able to offer competitive prices on technical spare parts for the marine industry, because we buy in bulk, because we are preferred buyers with our regular suppliers, and because we know how to consolidate orders and optimize shipping in order to get the best possible freight rates.
In short, you will not have to contact numerous suppliers individually, discussing prices, delivery, and payment options with each one. This may save you a considerable number of working hours, since every supplier has its own method of handling offers, orders and shipment.
Our order platform is set up to handle most of these aspects in an efficient manner, and we know our repeat customers and their requirements. The benefits to you are obvious: You will save time, money, and overall operational resources.

Long lasting partnerships

We have built long lasting partnerships with a great number of major manufacturers of applications used on commercial vessels as well as with freight forwarders. These strong partnerships allow us to offer competitive prices on our services.
Our order management workflow is based on a solution suited to customize processes and paperwork to your exact needs. Our order platform solution is integrated with that of major freight forwarders for a fully traceable solution.
That is why we call ourselves a one-stop spare parts service for the whole marine industry.
With us as your long-term partner, you will have a reliable and professional supplier of technical spare parts who supports your aim to keep your vessels in operation, avoiding delays and unnecessary costs.

We will help you optimize your business.


The lowest possible cost

Delivering your preferred technical spare parts to you is what we do.
We add value to your business by doing what we do best: Purchasing products on your behalf and making sure they are shipped, easy to clear by customs and sent to your preferred destination on time – all at the lowest possible cost to you.
By offering up our expertise in spare parts purchasing and logistics, we allow you to concentrate on your own core business – and enable you to save on spare parts costs while doing it.
Berg & Larsen primarily attracts new customers through word-of-mouth marketing, and our administration is paperless and based on effective communications technologies. These practices enable us to pass even more savings on to our customers.
If you have any questions about pricing or products, please contact us.

We look forward to your enquiry.