We are not only a supplier of technical spare parts. We are also a supplier of logistics solutions and have extensive knowledge and experience in warehousing, freight forwarding and customer specific logistics solutions.

Focus on your core activities and leave it to us to get your spare parts to the its destination.

We provide each customer with an adequate and efficient logistics solution that will fully meet its own specific requirements. We ensure the security and reliability of the delivery of your products.


At our Warehouses in Denmark Korea and Japan we receive and combine orders from multiple suppliers if needed, before they are sent to their final destination.

If there are special requirements for packing, such is also in our scope of service.

Freight prices

Berg & Larsen takes great pride in offering fast and cost effective international transport.

With a considerable volume of shipments each week, we are able to offer our well-earned competitive cargo shipping rates and transit times. Please ask a price on shipping when you enquire about our prices on spare parts.