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Berg & Larsen featured in South China Morning Post – Special Report, June 30 2017

Denmark Business Report

“Navigating the vast and ever-changing marine market for high-quality and costefficient technical spare parts can belaborious for many shipowners, and leading supplier Berg & Larsen understands this challenge. Having served shipbuilders and charterers for more than two centuries, Berg & Larsen continues to provide sourcing and purchasing support to shipping companies as they maintain the smooth and safe operation of their vessels.

With an unparalleled network of the finest operational spare part suppliers, Berg & Larsen offers clients access to the best deals in terms of quality and price. It works directly with producers and original equipment manufacturers to ensure the quality and value of its range of parts for decks, bridges, galleys, engine and laundry rooms.

Berg & Larsen is also at the forefront of innovation. The company applies information technology (IT) solutions and modern practices such as paperless processing and remote office set-ups to improve and simplify procedures for suppliers and customers. Its highly integrated IT platform provides tailored invoicing, financial terms and payment processes that are compatible with each party’s existing system.

“Understanding our customers’business and fulfilling their expectations make us successful,” says Søren Kristiansen, CEO. “We have the skills and long-term experience to select the best suppliers, and we combine that with our efficient IT platform.”

A founding member of the International Shipsuppliers & Services Association, Berg & Larsen is one of the

oldest ship suppliers worldwide that is still in business. With sales and sourcing offices in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan and upcoming presence in Germany and China,

Berg & Larsen is bolstering its supplier ecosystems as it seeks to double its turnover in the midterm.“We deliver the right parts at the right price, the right time and the right place,” Kristiansen says. “We link suppliers and customers so the needs are easily served.”